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    Missy was a part of many sexual harassment storylines during her time in the wrestling business, but mostly she is remembered as being a successful manager and valet. In , Stratus became involved in an on-screen romance with McMahon, while his wife was apparently in a catatonic state. Edge didn't earn his "R Rated Superstar" nickname for nothing. Like, a lot of private time and Daddy McMahon walked in on the two in the throes of passion. It can interfere with your own life, too. As a fun bonus, Hyatt came out of retirement to manage Lance Storm in what was to be his last professional wrestling appearance. But who had time to be a champion?!

    Had sex with vince

    Or maybe Vince was just a big fan of her work in Sunny Side Up: On Total Divas it has been rumored that the two could be set to marry. Though one thing that is clear with Ashley, is that she is absolutely gorgeous. Wrestling gossip was that she had slept her way to that title by taking the mistress part a little too far. Like others on this list, Stacy also engaged in a relationship with more than one wrestler. As an added fun bonus, you can check Ashley out on the reality show Survivor, when she appeared on the 15th season back in Vince countersued and they eventually settled out of court. Then, there [were] some other things that I can't get into that were heat and so it was a whole confluence of things that were partially my fault, definitely partially my fault, and just circumstances. The two even went so far as to make out in front of a comatose and unresponsive Linda on an episode of SmackDown! She was considered to be the eighth wonder of the world and until her departure from WWE she was rated highly in the eyes of WWE officials. In fact, she appeared in Playboy not once, but three times. While no one from the WWE has openly admitted to having any affair with McMahon, a vast array of Divas have gotten close and personal with him. However, back when Kelly Kelly was new, she was scripted to give McMahon a lap dance. He claimed that he had been faithful at the time of the interview, but those few words were all the world needed to confirm all of the affair suspicions they were having. Given what Sunny is now currently doing for money it rhymes with schmorn , it comes as no surprise that it was speculated she was more than adventurous in the locker-room. Her dating resume is a rather short one compared to many Divas on this list, but Maria began by dating fellow Chicago native CM Punk and they were together for around two years. These two freely flaunted their relationship and even went on vacation together. The Melina and Batista pairing didn't last very long and Melina ended up back with her former flame John Morrison. This time, it involved her being sick and needing to be healed by his amazing God powers. They did some pretty raunchy things on the air and if anyone watched Raw back in , they probably remember the sex show the two put on. But I remember there was this one spot where Vince picked something up and he peers. Stephanie McMahon Via abcnews. While he hasn't gone to prison for the aforementioned items, it has helped blur the lines between the real Vince McMahon and his show persona. The professional wrestling industry is a pretty seedy and there are many a tall tale of shady goings-on. It's all hearsay, but Savage did develop a taste for the younger ladies once he and Miss Elizabeth were through so who knows?

    Had sex with vince

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    Vince McMahon Hires a Personal Assistant - 4-11-2002 Smackdown

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      Mickie first dated CM Punk before he was a well known wrestler and the two were still part of the independent circuit.

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      It's all hearsay, but Savage did develop a taste for the younger ladies once he and Miss Elizabeth were through so who knows? The story goes that Savage and the youngest McMahon were enjoying private time in the early 90s.

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      In Through the Backdoor. But I remember there was this one spot where Vince picked something up and he peers.

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