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    So the posts are there! We were both virgins when we married and the honeymoon was about the only time our sex life was decent. Get him to have his testosterone levels checked. You do not need to feel ashamed of this. Then I asked a bunch of guys the same thing. It really does change the brain and lowers your libido for your spouse. In reality, the solution is often found outside the bedroom. Focus on intimacy and building a stronger bond. Please watch how you talk to your husband.

    Husband interested in sex

    After a while, I felt demoralized. Talking to a counselor may be a very good idea for him. I know many women who belittle their husbands in public without realizing it. But I also want to say this: When you've reestablished trust, ask him to talk to his doctor about his sexual issues. But our respect for our husbands goes even further than that. Right now, he probably feels that any intimate contact with you will bring up the expectation that he will need to perform sexually, and thus he avoids any intimate contact with you. Fat cells produce estrogen which works against testosterone—the libido builder—in men. And you often need more and more porn and more extreme porn to give you the same high that you felt when you started using it. When we connect sexually, we solidify the other areas of our lives. For these emotionally based fears, the best defense is building your friendship and the trust in your relationship so that he knows you accept him completely. So he simply stopped taking any. Given that he is now so anxious and nervous, I wonder if that may be a factor. Click To Tweet And I would continue to phrase it that way. Lack of Respect Girls, watch how you talk to your husband. Let him know that you love him and deeply care for him, and that you want to do whatever is necessary to get your relationship back on track. We both should yearn to make love. If your husband is so stressed at church that it is making your marriage difficult, maybe you really need to reassess that church involvement. Get him to have his testosterone levels checked. So the posts are there! And we get in touch with our passionate side, which is also the side of us that is most intimate with God. After a couple of months, I was a different person. Create a home where you laugh and where you demonstrate respect and love. And what does it take to not feel like a man? And men are much more visually stimulated than women are. Sex embodies our spiritual, emotional, and relational selves.

    Husband interested in sex

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