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About Us

Yeshu Samaj is a 'Jesus centered community' for disciples of Prabhu (Lord) Yeshu. This samaj has been established for those who desire to explore, pursue and live out their Spiritual journey 'in-Yeshu' with an Eastern spiritual perspective. While the core spirituality is centered on the person of Yeshu, the day to day living aspect attempts to closely align with the Eastern ethos and practices. 

The samaj's core team is comprised of individuals who have submitted to the Ultimate Reality: 'in-Yeshu' there is complete fulfillment of humanity's deepest longings. We echo the words of the apostle Thomas, the follower of Yeshu sent to us in the East, "Our Lord and Our God". 

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Basics Section - A short summary of the eastern worldview

Though teachings in Hinduism have hundreds of flavors, they can all be sourced to three primary views.  This is similar to the fact that all the colors in the visible spectrum can be obtained from three primary colors.  In this section we give a very brief glimpse of the three primary views to help understand an individual's faith.

Stories Section - Spiritual Journeys of Yeshu followers

This section contains stories of individuals who have come into an authentic relationship with Yeshu, especially after sincerely exploring available Eastern ways available to them. In all the true stories, the reader will have the privilege of exploring the spiritual journey led by the mysterious hand of God.

Articles Section - A New Perspective

Though Yeshu is universal, most Easterners have an impression that Jesus is Western, and have rejected Him because of that notion. Thank God for the faithfulness of Western followers and their sincere work, but the time has come to understand the unfathomable depth of Yeshu's teachings from an Eastern view point as well. These articles are written by people who have lived the life with an Eastern perspective. The 'New Perspective' section begins with an Eastern concept and attempts to articulate how we find that these concepts are fulfilled beyond our greatest expectations in the person of Yeshu. 

Satsang Section - Exploring the teachings of Prabhu Yeshu

Sat (Truth) is Ultimate Reality. Is there a better word to describe the sang (group) that meets to study the person who is Ultimate Reality (Yeshu – God the Son)? The 'Satsang' is an introduction to Biblical teachings for those who desire to explore Yeshu more. The goal of the Sat-Sang is to ultimately help the individual unite (sang) and abide with the Internal Guru (God the Spirit), to experience God. 

FAQ Section - Addressing frequently asked questions

The FAQ section picks up some of the hard to grapple topics we ourselves asked before we decided to submit to the Master. The goal of this section is to remove or explain the barriers to understanding Yeshu and His teachings. 

Contact Us

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