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Diwali - Celebrate the light

Transcript of the video message (to read the transript in Tamil click here ): 

Diwali is the festival of lights, so on this occasion I invite you to “Celebrate the Light”!

Diwali season in India is similar to the Christmas holiday season here in the US. It is a celebratory, festive time of the year.  The term Diwali or Deepavali refers to a ‘row of lamps’.   Homes are decorated with Diyas (clay lamps) that behold the light. 

In some ways we too are like these clay lamps in that we have an innate desire to behold the light.  We long for light because it dispels the darkness within us.  

One of our prayers is “Thamosoma Jyothier gamaya”; which means “Lead me from darkness to light”.  We seek en-lighten-ment (having the light within) to lead a good moral life.


Several years back when I was in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment I happen to follow a guru who’s title is ‘Veda  Athiri’.  Veda, which means knowledge and Athiri, which means mountain, was considered a spiritual giant and had followers world-wide.  After following him for a few years I realized that I had not yet reached the level of enlightenment he said was possible.  So when a group of us had a chance to meet him privately we inquired if he had reached the stage of enlightenment.  His response surprised us.  He very candidly said that he may never be able to reach spiritual enlightenment in his life time.  I then began to wondered, if a spiritual giant may never get enlightened in his lifetime what are the chances for ordinary people like me?

We can keep on trying with our sincere efforts and yet never get enlightened or is there is another way?  What if God, who is the True Light, is able to enlighten us?  What if God is able to live in us, like an internal Guru, shining His light from within us?  Will such an approach  have a better chance to enlighten us?  I am sure that God’s approach will be better than my efforts.

Interestingly enough, a few years after my encounter with this guru I did find out that God has made such an arrangement for us in Yeshu or Jesus.   Jesus said to his disciples, “I am the light of the world.  If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

After hearing a statement like that, we may think, I am not perfect. I know that I have done some things wrong.  I have some darkness in me.  Would God want to forgive me and help me?  The answer is an astounding ‘yes’; God absolutely want to help us.  In fact, the beauty of all of this is God knows everything about us and still loves us so much that he chooses to suffer for our darkness.   God gave his life for us so that we can gain eternal life.   We don’t have to become perfect to come to God; we can come to God as we are and allow His light to perfect us.   

What awesome news!  My efforts to get enlightened fail in comparison with God’s effort to enlighten me.  God’s way is clearly better and works.   

Prayer: Dear Jesus, we invite you to en-lighten-us.

My dear friends join us in celebrating Jesus, who is the Light!


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