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Internal Guru (Spirit of God), deserves our full surrender


1. What comes to mind when we think of a good spiritual guru or swamiji? 
They teach, they serve others, we go to them when we need advice, in their presence we have earthly peace, we experience comfort because of their ability and spiritual maturity etc. 

2. Who is the Guru according to the Bible? 
-God Himself is the Guru. The Father is referred to as the teacher by Jesus. Jesus himself taught (the teacher), and Jesus introduces the Spirit as the teacher within us (INTERNAL GURU). 

- Father as teacher; "Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from Him comes to me (Jesus)" Jn 6:45 

- There is plenty of evidence in the Gospels on the teachings of Jesus. Some examples; Matthew 5 (available also at http://yeshusamaj.org). John 6, 7 etc. with us and IN us forever (John 14:16) 

3. What is the nature of Internal-Guru (Spirit of God)? 

- He is God (He participated in creation, He participates in our Salvation and much more, we will learn more about this when we study the triune nature of God)
- He is a person (He speaks to our spirit (atma), by sinning we grieve Him, His presence is comforting, he is the internal guide)
- He is a Gift (When we say 'yes' to God's way of redemption, we receive Him as a gift to guarantee salvation) And much more... But if we don't have Him, we do not have new life or salvation. 

4. Do you have an Internal-Guru? Don't leave here without being certain
-When does one receive the internal Guru? The moment a person believes in Jesus. 

How can we know that we have received the Internal Guru

  • Since God does not lie, we know we will receive when we believe in Jesus according to God's teachings (John 7:38).
  • Can you examine your heart to see if you have truly believed? If not, let's pause and take that step.
  • We can experience the overflow, if we have removed all blockages - Do we receive the Spirit in installments? No. Since the Spirit is a person, we receive Him in whole. 5. When does one experience Him in fullness? The moment of our FULL Surrender. When we are not surrendered to God after receiving His Spirit we live a 'carnal life'