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What is Salvation or Redemption, can we begin it today?

Please note: This is just an outline for the Satsang Topic.

Bakti Marga
(Path of Devotion)
Gynana Marga 
(Path of Enlightenment)
Karma Marga
(Path of Duty)
General Understanding
The word used to describe salvation here is Mukti or Moksha (liberation). Achieving liberation from the endless cycle of Samsara (birth, death, rebirth) The word used to describe salvation here is Samadhi (Oneness with the ultimate reality - I AM). This is to be achieved by liberation from Maya(Illusion). The word used to describe salvation here is Nirvana (Annihilation). Since people following this path don't give much importance to the after life, they generally believe that this is their only life. Salvation is the crowning moment that is believed to occur at the point of death in this life or several lifetimes later (reincarnation) Many Hindu friends might not have any assurance that they will receive salvation after death (in the current lifetime)

1. In all the ways described above, we have to 'DO' something to reach salvation and we think the journey towards salvation is the purpose of life.

2. We are taught a different method in the Bible; The work for salvation is God's (gift) provision, it is already DONE, we have to believe and be-live (be living it - the purpose of life); The purpose is lived out in the New Life (After Salvation; Justification).

3. God's redemption package;

When Jesus gave His life for us many things happened. Some of them are;
a. He became the prayaschit for universal condemnation. We are still condemned in our mind when we have not believed in this.

b. He also broke the power of Sin over us. (we can discuss this another time) . When we believe in his death as a substitution (prayaschit) we receive the Holy Spirit (Pavitra Atma), who gives us power over the tendency to be sinful. We receive the Holy Spirit by faith. 

c. When we receive the Holy Spirit (Pavitra Atma) we have began eternal life, as our Atma is already united with God's Atma within us. But we still are restricted by our physical being, which God is using to fulfill his purpose. When we leave the body behind (death) we will enjoy unrestricted unification with God.

4. Salvation is Justification, Sanctification and Glorification.

Justification: Saved from the consequence of Karma, Sins, Maya, by God (Jesus) becoming the prayaschit for us.
Sanctification: Saved from the power of already defected nature to be sinful.
Glorification: Saved from the limitation of the physical body, the presence of sin.

Summary: We can receive salvation today (Eternal Life) ; we can cross over from Death to Life by receiving God's righteousness which was made available for us at the Cross.