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    N plus I'm from the hood And making gay porn is a good plot twist hahaha. Kali muscle nude pics. High class birmingham escorts. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I can't find anything. The Hodge TwinsThe Brofessor ect ect.

    Lesbian muscle sex pics

    Where's the link where it talks about all the shit he takes. Lol never even heard of some of this stuff Ambien is a sleep aid. BantamBasher Facebook page but why??? N plus I'm from the hood And making gay porn is a good plot twist hahaha. Cheeky Chuck needs to stop trying to play people for fools. High class birmingham escorts. All his gay for pay shit being exposed, someone figured out his IP and found his accounts on things like Getbig and such where he has another alias online Shitwe have a bodybuilder in a damn Geico commercial. Maybe it's the prison culture. Believe what people say at your own risk. I'd rather make money doing that than sit at this shit deskjob all day. Anyone with half a fucking brain, including Kali, know he's not natty. Does hi claim to still not take anything? Once again someone perpetuates the stigma attached to bodybuilding smh. Submit a new text post. OP hates Kali Muscle but links his video to reddit for karma, thus increasing Kali Muscle's viewership, thus further increasing his exposure. Yall are nit picking dude's advice way too much. So I know what a Blackman will do for sum paper serious paper This thread has been archived. I will not allow you to besmirch his name without being called out for it. A, Arnold didn't lie about AAS usage. Dating lesbian sites free If you followed all of Kali's advice, you'd be a dehydrated, mercury poisoned, malnutritioned and constipated individual from his top ramen low fibre diet 3 I never said he deserves to get exposed for doing G4P or w. From the Photo Gallery. What the fuck are his options? I've done a few cycles but I can't stand it when people lie through their teeth about it. And according to him eating snickers,top ramen and what not is the way to go. Damn, I really feel sorry for the guy though. The Hodge TwinsThe Brofessor ect ect.

    Lesbian muscle sex pics

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