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    But that night, lying there in the snow, feeling like my eyes were going to freeze shut whenever I blinked, I watched the moon skirt the rim of the mountains surrounding us -- teasing us, almost -- as the Milky Way ever so slowly spun overhead, brighter than I'd ever seen it in my life. After the expedition I was weighing in at tops, nothing but ribs and spine. Zoli supported David and me as best he could through all that, hauling ropes and food to equipment caches and running radio transmissions. Find out more about the expedition on Facebook. And one day, despite it all, I hope to return to Nanga Parbat. I did it again and the rope got tangled. He tried again, told me this was it.

    Mountain climbing sex clip

    Impress all your friends by summiting his Facebook page. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement As if a raging case of rotten toe weren't enough, he started developing what is commonly referred to as Khumbu Cough, named after the dry, heaving coughs that climbers develop on Nepal's Khumbu Glacier. After the bivouac, we had a hard talk. Finally, I said "fuck it" and leaned back. Continue Reading Below Advertisement So that's it. Bugs made a veritable feast of me fleas or bedbugs, I'm not sure which. During the day wait in Islamabad for our flight back to Budapest, the rotten part of my foot got rottener. Suddenly, I couldn't see straight. I spent the next three nights in base camp hallucinating that I was a mercenary's assistant in a sci-fi novel I was reading and trippily wandering outside into the sub-zero nights. Luckily for my desire to keep all my squishables on the inside, it worked. You'll notice that Zoli hasn't come up much, and that's because his personal expedition was a traveling shitshow. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Two nights later, we were back at base camp, planning our next move. Zoli's piggy would live to see another climb. I told him we couldn't set up camp here. He saw me take three steps, fall to my knees. He has summited a huge number of very impressive mountains that most people won't recognize because most of them aren't named "Everest. All of the above, plus way too much curry? Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement We stopped below the ice field and filmed a short video of me explaining that the expedition was over. Find out more about the expedition on Facebook. I loaded my rappel device, but it didn't look correct. We negotiated our way into the labyrinth of ice that would lead to Camp 2. Another storm was moving in, and if we didn't establish Camp 2 by the time it hit, there was no chance of a summit before winter's end. It didn't make sense. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Once we made it back to Budapest, I spent the first two weeks sequestering myself due to the horrible stench of my frequent farts and the explosive horror show I'd leave in public restrooms. On the way back to base camp, I heard birds that definitely were not there. Get up, three steps, knees. Shit if I know, and that's pretty much the same answer doctors gave me -- though I still say you haven't truly lived until you've walked into a post office in a foreign country and mailed off a sizable sample of your own poop.

    Mountain climbing sex clip

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      Much of his gear didn't arrive in Pakistan until we were already on the mountain for three weeks. Now, Zoli is quite the accomplished climber.

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      Jason is an editor for Cracked. I almost cleared out my friend's wedding reception last week.

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      To this day, variations in my gut flora such as too much beer cause the condition to flare back up.

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