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    So tonight, Michelle and I are overjoyed for all the committed couples in Illinois whose love will now be as legal as ours — and for their friends and family who have long wanted nothing more than to see their loved ones treated fairly and equally under the law. The laws also clarifies that churches, mosques, synagogues or other organizations that primarily study, practice or advance religion are not required to provide space for same-sex marriage events. Conclusion The new Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act completes the promise of the three-year old Civil Union Act - full relationship equality under state law - by providing the one thing the prior Act did not: Pat Quinn signed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois. December 6, Four same-sex couples, two of whom had partners suffering from terminal illnesses, filed a federal lawsuit against Cook County seeking the right to receive a marriage license without waiting for the Illinois' statute to go into effect the following year. Were the President still in the Illinois State Legislature, he would support this measure that would treat all Illinois couples equally. DOMA, consisting of three sections section 1 is the title declared in section 2 that states have the right to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages or other similar relationships legally entered into in other states and, in section 3, defined "marriage" and "spouse" for purposes of federal law to mean only a "legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife. The 10,th same-sex marriage license in Cook County was issued on August The date of the marriage will be recorded as the date of the original civil union.

    Same sex marriage in illinois

    Hodges The long and emotional debate In its ruling in United States v. Pat Quinn signed the law legally recognizing same-sex marriage in the state. Some county offices do not accept all methods of payment - so bring cash with you to the clerk's office. For example, situations involving gestational surrogacy are covered under a wholly separate act. DOMA, consisting of three sections section 1 is the title declared in section 2 that states have the right to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages or other similar relationships legally entered into in other states and, in section 3, defined "marriage" and "spouse" for purposes of federal law to mean only a "legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife. How clerks in most of Illinois' counties would respond was not immediately clear, but Illinois couples were able to apply for a marriage license from any county, and some couples who live in other counties have obtained licenses in Cook County. Greg Harris speaks at a news conference held at Sidetrack bar on June 26 in Chicago, after the Supreme Court declared Friday that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States. February 22, A bill to allow same-sex marriage was first introduced to the state house of representatives. Is there a Waiting Period and County Requirement? The first, section , voids prohibited marriages obtained elsewhere by Illinois residents, and the second, section , declares as void for all purposes marriages obtained here by non-residents coming to, and with an intent not to remain in, Illinois to obtain a marriage deemed void in their state of residence. And as Mayor Rahm Emanuel hinted at in a statement released about the landmark court ruling, Chicagoans have been among those fighting to make today possible for years. Your license then becomes a Same-Sex Marriage certificate. The removal of gender distinctions in the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act shouldn't complicate the regular practice of family law, and marriages and divorces should now work the same irrespective of the sex of the parties. Clair County began issuing licenses to same-sex couples the next day, [67] and officials in Cass and Jackson Counties said they would do so. Section 3 of DOMA upended longstanding federal deference to state determinations of marriage and spouse in both intact marriages and upon termination by dissolution or death, precluding federal recognition of valid same-sex relationships and resulting in unavoidable discrimination and substantial penalties for these relationships, primarily in the inability to obtain the same benefits otherwise available to parties whose marriage is or was recognized under federal law. Section 3 of DOMA simply defined what relationship would be recognized under federal law: However, if a woman gives birth to a child, her spouse -- regardless of gender -- can become that child's legal parent in one of four ways: Steans and Harris filed new bills on January 9 [23] [n 1] and 10, [25] respectively. The bill died in committee. Given that Illinois law is much broader than federal law, equating all marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, and the like, lawyers must continue to give different advice to couples forming or dissolving these other relationships. Advising and guiding same-sex couples, so long as they are married and the distinctions between marriage and its equivalents are understood, should now be no different than with opposite-sex couples. The federal decision in Windsor, which recognizes same-sex marriage under all of federal law without regard to the parties' residence - but only if valid where celebrated - is a compelling incentive for couples from non-recognition states to go elsewhere to marry. Reaffirming traditional federal deference to the state's exclusive power to define and regulate marriage, so long as federal constitutional guarantees were not infringed, the Court in Windsor held that Section 3 of DOMA "is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment…. There is a 24 hour waiting period between the time you apply for your Same-Sex Marriage license and the time you have your legal Same-Sex Marriage ceremony Because of this - the earliest date that you can legally have your Same-Sex Marriage ceremony is June 2, The License is only valid in the county where it was issued a day after it is issued and is valid for the following 60 days Can my Illinois Same-Sex Marriage License Expire? Everywhere you can get gay married in the United States, in one stunning map pic.

    Same sex marriage in illinois

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    Illinois Lawmakers Pass Same Sex Marriage Bill on Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013

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