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    If a transgender man has not undergone hysterectomy and oophorectomy , he may regain fertility on cessation of testosterone. Facial changes[ edit ] Facial changes develop gradually over time, and sexual dimorphism physical difference between the sexes tends to increase with age. Progesterones Their use is controversial. Androgen therapy redistributes the fat toward abdominal obesity , which is associated with increased cardiovascular risk rather than fat carried on the buttocks and hips. In addition, diabetes is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease and may have an important role in raising the risk of cardiovascular morbidity in trans women on estrogen, as this comorbidity has been found to be prevalent among the transgender population In women, increased levels of either estrogen or androgens are associated with decreased insulin sensitivity which may predispose to diabetes.

    Sex change hormones dosage

    Even after discontinuation of hormone therapy, testicular function might not recover sufficiently to ensure conception. The cross-sex hormone level should be maintained as close as possible to the physiological range of the desired gender. However, no morphological changes were found when this was studied and likely it is due to loss of fat in the breasts. However, the Levonorgestrel may exacerbate facial hair in some people. This will begin one to three months after treatment. Male pattern hair loss also can occur over time as a result of androgenic interaction with pilosebaceous units in the skin Feminizing hormone therapy also brings about changes in emotional and social functioning. Screening for bone loss should be performed per the guidelines for the general population, unless a patient has baseline low bone mineral density, or is at risk for osteoporosis tobacco use, alcohol abuse, previous fractures, eating disorder, family history of osteoporosis. Softer, less oily skin. It is not known when sperm production ceases, and when this may become irreversible. At puberty, the bones and cartilage of the voicebox tend to enlarge less in females than males. Safer JD, Tangpricha V. However, as with any drug that carries even a small risk of liver damage, liver function tests or at least ALT should be periodically monitored. Hormone therapy may even have a positive effect on physiologic stress as well. In cases of persistent elevations of testosterone in the setting of maximal antiandrogen dosing with good medication adherance, autonomous endogenous production i. And, importantly, triglyceride levels were higher than both biologic male and female reference ranges. In the setting of gender affirming care, there are numerous differences to the findings of the WHI: The study aimed to evaluate the role of menopausal hormone therapy in the prevention of chronic disease. Unknown genetic factors are at work in the response. There is biologic evidence that may explain this. Urinary frequency can also limit the use of Spironolactone. Cerebr Cortex ; The level should ideally be in the follicular range. Acutely it causes dilation of the coronary arteries, and in men with testosterone levels within the normal physiological range, higher levels are actually associated with a slight decrease in cardiovascular disease. The extent of these changes and the time interval for maximum change varies across patients and may take up to 18 to 24 months to occur.

    Sex change hormones dosage

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      An evaluation for testicular neoplasms should be performed with a scrotal exam as well as testing for elevated serum human chorianogonadotropin hCG , lactate dehydrogenase LDH , alpha-fetoprotein AFP levels, and possibly scrotal imaging. Hormone therapy has been shown to be associated with positive outcomes for patients, but there are important metabolic implications of therapy that must be carefully considered when treating patients.

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      Testosterone also has an important role in increasing muscle mass, which further helps with bone health preservation.

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      Male pattern hair loss also can occur over time as a result of androgenic interaction with pilosebaceous units in the skin

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