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    Inferior view of liver. In most cases, images of aggressive prostate cancer are distinctly different from slow-growing prostate cancer. The superior vesical artery supplies the bladder and male ductus deferens. Pancreatic gastrinoma with multiple liver metastases. In addition, malignant lesions are typically T2 hyperintense. The right sagittal fossa separates the right lobe of the liver from the caudate and quadrate lobes.

    Sex position imaging

    It is close, and almost parallel, to the distal common bile duct. Areas of hemorrhage secondary to biopsy can also be confused with tumor on T2-weighted sequences. Surgical resection for pancreatic cancer is often done using the Whipple procedure. The cardinal ligament extends laterally below the base of the broad ligament, and serves to hold the uterus and upper vagina in their proper places over the levator plate. The right sagittal fossa separates the right lobe of the liver from the caudate and quadrate lobes. A significant correlation has been found between the Gleason score of the tumor and the ADC value, while an inverse relationship is seen between the ADC value and the percentage of tumor involvement in core biopsies. Medications are the first choice for treatment of gastrinomas, specifically those called proton pump inhibitors. The dynamic structure of the sphincter of Oddi allows for relaxation and contracture to change the dimensions of the ampulla of Vater, thereby controlling the amounts of bile and pancreatic juices that flow into the duodenum. Calculation of the apparent diffusion coefficient ADC and ADC mapping displays prostate cancer as a low-signal region, due to the restricted diffusion of water in cancer cells. The muscles that surround the ends of the common bile duct biliary sphincter and pancreatic duct pancreatic sphincter fuse at the level of the ampulla of Vater, and are then known as the sphincter of Oddi. Additional Pancreatic Tests and Procedures A variety of tests and procedures are available to aid in the diagnosis of pancreatic problems or disease. The inferior gluteal artery supplies the buttocks and posterior thigh. The sensitivity of DWI is better in the peripheral zone than the central gland. Targeted prostate biopsy has the potential to improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer, as well as to aid in the selection of patients for active surveillance and focal therapy. The portal venous phase displays the greatest differences in liver-to-lesion signal intensity, as the greatest enhancement of liver parenchyma occurs at this time. This area is not enclosed in visceral peritoneum, but instead lies flush against the fascia covering the diaphragm. The posterior layer of the coronary ligament continues to the right as the hepatorenal ligament. Metastases from pancreatic cancer are usually found in the liver, peritoneum and omentum, lymph nodes, and blood vessels. As they degenerate, these fibroids have more heterogeneous signal on T2-weighted images, and display less enhancement. The islet cells secrete additional hormones, such as gastrin and pancreatic polypeptide. Caution for laser lights. Ample parking is available outside Advanced Women's Imaging and Sunshine Coast Radiology but we suggest you allow sufficient time to find parking so that you are not late for your appointment. Dynamic contrast injections can be used prior to uterine artery embolization to evaluate the uterine arteries and the collateral artery supply. Liver cells are divided into polyhedron-shaped lobules, with sinusoids that converge on a central vein. An MRCP may be performed for a variety of reasons:

    Sex position imaging

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      In this fifth module, we will discuss the anatomy and positioning of the bony pelvis, as well as the anatomy and positioning of the abdominal and pelvic organs that are protected by the pelvic bones. Examinations of the pancreas often include an MRCP, or Magnetic Resonance CholangioPancreatography, a non-invasive technique used to evaluate the hepatobiliary tree and pancreatic duct.

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