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    I then thought, why not? No new information was revealed in these last two interviews. Importance and description of sexuality Sexuality was found to be important for most of the participants, but they emphasized that it was not the most important aspect of a relationship. Some close friends, some acquaintances, some intimate or maybe some that we cringe when they come around. I assumed that it was difficult for my husband to look at me as well, but I have since learned otherwise. Third, initial themes were developed from the initial codes.

    Sex with an amputee

    You see, I was a sexual being before my left leg was amputated over 20 years ago. We also have a wonderful granddaughter named Lexi who is fifteen months old. I was so distraught over the situation that I began to cry ending the intimate moment. My goal is to be honest without being graphic. The interview guide was inspired by the concepts of the generic conceptual framework mentioned above [15]. Median age of the participants was And it is in that order that I set out to educate and testify to people like Ms. The author is president of Dream Reach Win, an independent consulting practice. At the time of the interview, one participant was not in a steady relationship while the other participants were all involved in an ongoing heterosexual relationship. Had she - like me - fought a battle with cancer that cost her a limb? I am happy to say that I have been blessed with a caring and understanding wife who has had to adapt with me in many ways, even in intimacy. I have said it before: Important statements, phrases, and sentences were identified and initial codes were generated. But, like a defeated fighter who returns to the ring to regain victory, I bounced back for a verbal round with Ms. I have one amputated leg, they can have the other one immediately if I can get my erection back. Verbatim transcription increases the credibility of the analysis and ensures referential adequacy [22]. And I even consider myself sexy, residual limb and all. She has been my friend, my rock and my lover. In this writing I will do my best as to not to be too graphic. I was very worried about my stump getting accidently bumped in the heat of the moment which made it hard to concentrate. Eventually as a couple we figure it out so I could be comfortable during intimacy, meaning she became aware of my stump along with trying it with my gel liner on for added protection to my limb. But as a sexually active amputee woman who is happily married with two children, I can speak frankly about my experiences. Again, I say, "What's a leg got to do with it? Instead she held me as I cried it out. Persons with an LLA, who were interested in participating, received written information about the study, including an informed consent form.

    Sex with an amputee

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