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    We have to reconcile our knowledge about the amount of suffering and damage that has been inflicted upon our children in the past. Should we fight fire with fire? I asked her if I could publish her email and my response to it in an article, which would give me the time to respond thoroughly to her question. They are deeply asleep or in denial. The feeling is not disbelieve. Is it possible that our own state of mind about it has an impact as to how effective we are in fostering this awakening? Because you are safe to go into your own private head-place, and the chances are that there is a real dissonance between the erotic you and the you in the real world.

    Sex with one person

    This energy is the source of what is manifested in the world, and if we focus this energy with an intention, then it naturally changes the collective consciousness. This awakening has led to our collective understanding that child trafficking is not the result of scattered efforts of individual groups of profiteers, but is a highly organized network coming from the very upper reaches of our authority, and is coordinated with other wicked agendas such as gun and drug trafficking, organ harvesting, environmental upheaval, massive financial fraud, genocide, and the like. I got this awareness about child trafficking torture and magnitude of this terrible problem already when majority of people were deeply asleep. In Brief The Facts: I happened to get an email from a reader a few days ago, and I immediately felt that she was raising a point that was relevant to many people in the awakening community. None of the people I know would believe or even want to listen. If it is impossible for you to band together with other awakened, like-minded beings, then that is not what you came here to do. What is each individual's role in the awakening of humanity to the reality of things like child trafficking? We as individuals in the awakening community who want to end the suffering and trauma of child trafficking in the world must hold the intention that humanity will end child trafficking. Retreat into our own lives and do the best we can for our loved ones? The feeling is not disbelieve. I struggle with that. They played a chosen role inside the game and they are now safe and happy outside of the game. That is an essential prerequisite when you are making choices. Also you can only throw things at each other in an argument that leads to sex if you are in a film starring Sophia Loren. I felt that it would be good to address this in an article for all to consider. I received a heartfelt email from a reader who captures the feeling of hopelessness that some in the many feel in the face of worldwide child trafficking. I went through anger phase long time ago. We go to work. Every act is an act of self-definition. Working in organizations that are infiltrated is no use. Focus on the spiritual realm, meditate on peace and expand our consciousness? Please join me in that intention. I think there are more people like me. I know its true and the only problem I have is what can I do how can I help. People who know but are completely alone in that knowing.

    Sex with one person

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