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    It is best described as beyond sex. As such we cannot deny what we feel but be open to what we feel whatever it may be, including pain and discomfort for often they become the doorway. As discussed in the topic, " The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind ," even if we experience the Source of Creation our mind will characterize what we experience and believe what we experience based on what it previously experienced. Your body will eventually give you away as it rebels inside and stops you from feeling much of anything. The second is the absence of fear. Whether they are able to create a long-term relationship or not, they want intimacy to precede each sexual experience. They want to be more sexually successful. But the clearer you are about who you are, the more likely you will find your match. Taking risks in sexual encounters does not mean doing something that is uncomfortable or goes against important beliefs.

    Totally sensual sex

    A person who needs to feel intimately connected may be unable to allow their own senses to respond no matter how skilled their lover may be. But in it is concentrated or centered in and around the sex organs and the mind regains a relatively quick control. The key to this experience is a combination of being present to the experience and willing to surrender to the experience and relaxing into the experience. It is best described as beyond sex. Sensuality as a sexual signature is the ability to fully experience one's senses. As a result of the types and kinds of sensation some experience, some refer to it as a whole body orgasm, whole being orgasm or energy orgasm. It needs to be emphasized, this is not an experience which can be analyzed. If you commit yourself to becoming a better and better version of yourself, you'll develop the confidence that comes from the battle scars of heroism. What we think and believe determines how we focus our attention and awareness and that focus determines what we experience. If we engage in sex and the focus of our mind is on having sex, the experience we have will be limited to the experience of sex. To move into and through the sex, the sexual experience should be one that provides for a feeling of expansion within our being and allows us to move into the total sensual experience. For example, the natural reaction is to withdraw from pain. This is what happens when we are free to experiences our own heart. For many, the baggage around sex is so huge that pain is the only doorway available to them. When we seek to change a particular thought, way of thinking or fear, there will also be a body component which needs to be addressed. The very act of mind trying to create it is what keeps us from being able to experience it. Past experiences create a similar future if people do not allow any new thoughts or feelings to emerge. But we cannot get to the experience through the mind. Our mind need to give ourselves permission to find the perspective which opens the channels to surrender to the flow and then we need to give ourselves permission to surrender to the flow. If you explore and enhance your own personal and unique way of approaching a sexual encounter, you are more likely to attract the kind of partner with whom you will be compatible. Here an important realization needs to be made. It is an experience to be enjoyed and savored. If a person's sexual signature has been successful in gaining and holding desirable partners, there is little reason to change it. Consequently, the whole body sensual experience cannot be had by intellectualizing it. Our mind needs to give itself permission to have the experience. Here we need to understand only we ourselves can give us this experience. The greater the resistance, the greater the pain and discomfort we face.

    Totally sensual sex

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      In ordinary sexual orgasm, most experience a peak intensity which is relatively short. If mind does not quickly return and step in, the door is open to a total body sensual experience.

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      The release can be simply and smooth and rhythmic flow which we can interpret as an inner satisfaction or blissfulness to an exquisite energy "orgasm.

    • Tetilar

      Sadly, most men and women with high sexual drives are not always able to find willing receivers.

    • Nikogul

      Anxiety, insecurity, fear of being hurt, or pent up feelings of anger and suspicion, are feelings that bring people down.

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      Rather we need to learn to get clarity as to what we desire to experience, set a clear intention and then hold that intention such that we never to lose focus. In the years I have observed my patients exploring and transforming their sexual challenges, I have come to understand that there are certain human behaviors that seem universally sexually attractive.

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