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    These historically devalued identities reflect current and historical stigmas and inequalities that culminate to establish and uphold racial disparities in HIV. YBMSM whose families are not religious may have different experiences with stigma and disclosure with their families and communities and homonegativity may not be as prevalent. I pray for forgiveness. He lives a straight life, or I will say, the down low…. Yet, the religious foundation of many families tended to amplify the stigma around homosexuality. Introduction Black adolescents and young adults are disproportionately affected by HIV, accounting for more than half of all new HIV infections among persons 13 to 24 years old. My mom, she thought it was a phase. Furthermore, many employed strategies to conceal their sexual identity including modifying their dress and voice and avoiding attending services with gay friends or partners.

    Young black lesbian sex

    Messages about the sin and abomination of homosexuality from their pastors frequently contributed to shame and confusion about their sexuality and powerful fear about the religious consequences of being gay. State of the science, opportunities, and challenges. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. This participant worked hard to make sure he was perceived as heterosexual and masculine, which he perceived as necessary in order to maintain friendships and social ties.. When I first started going to church I thought my pastor was a God because he was on a high pedestal and his voice echoed through the whole building. Interviews were analyzed using thematic content analysis, guided by the principles of grounded theory analysis 46 , 47 and constant comparative method to describe and summarize data within and between cases and examine differences across YBMSM. In fact, when asked if there were any places in the community they would not want people to know they were gay, the most common response was their church. The risks associated with disclosure to families were even greater than those associated with disclosing to friends or being open in the community. As evidenced both explicitly and implicitly in their narratives, YBMSM carefully navigate their multiple, intersecting identities, seeking to minimize experiences and consequences of homonegativity and negotiate their identity and place in their communities and families. Several YBMSM noted that the anti-gay messages and stigma around homosexuality in the Church often delayed their self-acceptance and decisions to come out. What did your parents say? We obtained a waiver of parental consent for youth under the age of For others, however, organized religion remained a significant aspect of their lives and they continued regularly attending church. More so than their openly gay counterparts, YBMSM who were not open often struggled to find a balance between their identity as gay or bisexual men and the masculine expectations tied to their family, friends, and community. In response to this homonegativity, some youth pulled away from the Church as soon as they were old enough and had enough independence from their parents to make decisions for themselves about religious involvement. A review of the literature and recommendations for the way forward. Several participants felt compelled to conform to stereotypical constructs of masculinity by camouflaging their sexuality and modifying their appearance and engaging in behaviors they believed demonstrated heterosexuality. Initial efforts should focus on increasing awareness about the detrimental health effects associated with stigma and increase recognition that stigma need not always come by way of direct verbal assaults or discrimination, but rather can be experienced indirectly via daily microaggressions. One participant, for example, ran away from home at the age of 14 because his father physically abused him after learning his son was gay. In general, those who were not open with their sexuality perceived themselves as more masculine, more readily subscribed to societal norms of masculinity, and worked to be perceived as heterosexual. So, we got this God who is going to judge me, you know, if I was gay. Bowleg L, Raj A. Although YBMSM who were open often faced more explicit homonegativity than those who were not, they were also often able to establish a peer support system that celebrated their sexuality and was often protective against some of the bullying and gay bashing they experienced in school, at home, and in the broader community. These historically devalued identities reflect current and historical stigmas and inequalities that culminate to establish and uphold racial disparities in HIV. Intersectionality and research in psychology. Faith-based homonegativity The Church has been identified as a central feature of the Black community and often dictates or influences community norms and values.

    Young black lesbian sex

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      Participants accepted the notion that being gay was a negative attribute and often sympathized with their parents who struggled to accept them.

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      Future research seeking to understand health disparities among YBMSM should bear in mind these intersecting identities and continue to place findings within the context of sociopolitical and historical structures to identify systemic and structural causes for disparities. For example, one participant noted that although he had not experienced direct homonegativity, he felt sadness and frustration watching his openly gay friends get harassed on the street.

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