My Journey – Where are you in your Spiritual Journey?

Dear fellow traveler, as long as we are breathing, we are somewhere in this pursuit of the spiritual fulfillment. The spectrum is quite wide from being agnostic or atheistic, to experiencing the very tight relationship with God. This segment is intended to give you a reasonable place to start, linger or move into and feel a sense of belonging with fellow travelers.

There is no reason to disrespect others who do not belong with us, but we can carry out cordial conversations respecting various viewpoints.

This page is under construction for anyone on spiritual journey.

Don’t like ChristiansI am curious, want to learn more about YeshuI think I am following Jesus
I am an atheistI have lots of questionsI want to grow deeper in my walk with Jesus
Disappointed with GodCan I find my answers in YeshuHelp my family know about Jesus