Amrith – The Christmas Gift!


Typically, when we use the word amrith, we use it as a very high compliment for sweet food or melodious sound.  In fact, according to tradition, amrith is the nectar that gives immortal life-really out of the world.  Some of us would have heard the story of how amrith was extracted after the monumental task of churning the ocean.  Once the devatas (good celestial beings) drank it they regained their ability to be immortal. 

The word Amrith is the antithesis of Mrith (Death).  So amrith can be equated to non-death or immortality.  Since all of us are destined to die, I wonder how awesome it would be, IF we knew where we could find Amrith; which grants us unending life!!  Well, only recently, I rediscovered how this unfathomable concept could become a reality in us.  It is by drinking a different type of nectar, extracted from the fruit of God’s work, done on our behalf.   Besides unending life, this Amrith is destined to bring fulfillment by helping us live purposeful lives.   The best part about this Amrith is that when we take our first sip, it has the capability to generate an unending supply, welling up to eternal life. 

We get the first hint about this Amrith in this profound statement that Jesus made: “I am the living bread that came down from heaven, if anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever”.   Now, how can Jesus be the living bread, and even if he is, how do we eat of this bread? Is this really possible?  Let’s explore this a bit more.

Jesus is the Amrith

Jesus continues with this statement, “This bread is my flesh (body), which I will give for the life of the world”: meaning that Jesus will give up his life (experience death), in exchange for us (the world) to gain life (to experience eternal life).  In fact, Jesus faced death soon after.  Does this mean that all humans automatically have eternal life now?  No, it is not automatic. Jesus clarifies that when he said, “Unless you eat of this bread, you will not have life in you”.   

In another conversation, Jesus said he will give Living water to those that are thirsty for eternal life.  He said that anyone who drinks of the Living water would never thirst again.  The Living water Jesus gives will become in us a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

Even if we are willing to try the Living water, where do we begin?  Before the power of this Life-giving Amrith is unleashed, there are three hurdles that have to be overcome: 

Hurdle 1 Not realizing our desperate need for Amrith

Deep down most of us thirst for eternal life, but some of us might have temporarily quenched the thirst with other enjoyments of life. Others of us are so busy fulfilling our ambitions that we have ignored this thirst. Still, others have postponed the spiritual quest to ripe years of life, not even knowing if we will live that long. The truth of the matter is, this Amrith is right within our reach, but when we don’t find it as we are not even looking for it.  This hurdle is cleared when we begin thirsting for this Amrith. May God grant you and me this thirst, the deep desire for eternal life. Trusting that God would grant this thirst, let’s see if we are up for the second hurdle.

Hurdle 2 Not being able to believe in God’s help

Most of us think that we have lived our lives without taking much help from God. Yes, maybe we have prayed at desperate times of serious need. But the biggest help we need desperately is eternal life.  This comes as a gift in the form of God’s Amrith. However, because of our seemingly self-sufficient attitude, we find it difficult to take help from God.  Even God, our creator!  Are we sincere and bold enough to admit that we are finite and don’t have the capacity for eternal life in ourselves?  If we do, our sincere admission opens the door for belief in God’s Amrith through Jesus’ sacrifice.  So, even when we physically die, we will continue living the eternal life that God can begin with this Amrith.  Are we able to believe that God has prepared such an Amrith for us?  This came at a high cost for God, but as a gift for us.  If we are not able to believe in God’s gift, how can we receive it?

Hurdle 3Not having the right attitude to receive

This is probably the hardest of all.  Just like how water flows from the hills to the plains, the Amrith flows to us only when we are in the lower end to receive it. So, first, we have to humble ourselves.  When we humble ourselves and sincerely acknowledge our inability to gain eternal life, without God’s help, we have taken the initial step to overcome this hurdle. We will recognize the value of this Amrith and move all else to a second place and beneath, including ourselves.   When we get to this place mentally we would have overcome this hurdle.  We will have the desire to surrender to God’s redemption plan.

Ready to Receive?

If you have overcome the hurdles, it’s just a matter of sincerely asking God to grant this Amrith to you.  You will receive eternal life the instant you believe in God’s work done through Jesus and surrender to God.  By surrendering, we willingly allow God’s power to transform us; aligning our lives with God’s purpose for us.  In fact, when you believe and receive, God grants us the right to be His child. 

The entire world acknowledges that Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ, but very few know that Jesus is God’s Amrith poured down from heaven for us during the first Christmas. Today you have access to this profound secret.  Have you overcome the hurdles to receive eternal life?  If any of these hurdles are preventing you from God’s Amrith, ask God for help.  You can just speak to Jesus in your mind, which is a prayer that will be acknowledged by God. 

Have you received this great Christmas Gift – Amrith?