Never be thirsty again


Read John 4:1-42 (Click Here)


This is the story of a Samaritan woman having an engaging conversation with Jesus.  She did not come to the well looking to enter into Nithya Jeevan (Eternal Life), nor did she expect to have this life-changing conversation with a God.  This unexpected conversation broke through many barriers (gender, caste, religion, etc.) till Jesus and the woman could address her raw emptiness.  Like all of us, she had been trying to repeatedly fill this deep spiritual vacuum with activities that only offered temporary satisfaction.  However, only the Living Water from God that wells up to Anantha Jeevan (Unending Life), can remove this emptiness and enable an overflowing life.

Some New Perspectives 

Think about the time we receive the theertham (The Holy Water) from the priest.  The ingredients like Tulsi and other herbs provide medicinal value for the body.  Contrast that with the Jeevan ka jal (Living Water) that Yeshu offers, it gives us Anantha Jeevan (Unending Life).  When received the Jeevan Ka Jal supernaturally it begins to overflow from within us, so we will never be thirsty again.  

Usually, out of reverence for God, we perform poojas or rituals and bring our offerings or gifts for God.  In contrast, we see that Yeshu is talking to this woman about God’s Gift for us.  A gift that we desperately need.  Also note that unlike Moksha or Mukti which we believe we can receive when we die, Anantha Jeevan can be received today, right now!  So we don’t have to wait till the last moments of our lives, we can enter into this Eternal Life the moment we receive this gift.

Another point to note is that God is very engaging, and addresses the hard issues of this woman’s life in a loving and interactive way.  God engages in transformational dialogue with us.  This is very different from monologue activities like repeating prayers, or reciting the Mantras and not really talking to God, and not hearing back from God about what is relevant for us.

God does have expectations out of us.  God is looking for authentic worship.  God is Paramathma (SPIRIT), and SAT (Ultimate Reality) and the right way for us to relate with God is with our Atma (personal soul) and in truth (Understanding the full expression of God in Yeshu).


When reading a passage like this, it can get very personal, and it is OK to expose our deepest need to God, because God loves us deeply and already knows everything about us.  The question is can we allow God to break through our internal barriers to meet us at the point of need.  

  1. What are some things that stand out for you as you read and reflected on this passage?
  2. What are some of the barriers you feel you have in connecting with God?  From this reading, do you believe God would consider them a barrier to reach you? 
  3. Do you experience emptiness?  If so, how often?  What are some things you might be doing to temporarily quench the emptiness?
  4. Have you heard about this Gift of God Jeevan ka jal (Living Water) previously?  
  5. According to this passage, what is required of us to receive this Gift from God?


Dear Yeshu, thank you for your unconditional love that you express towards me.  I am eager to receive Jeevan ka jal (Living Water) from you.  Just like the woman in this story says to you, please God, give me this Jeevan ka jal (Living Water).  

Next Steps

  1. Go to to learn more and connect with others from the Yeshu Samaj Community
  2. Request a free copy of John’s Gospel in the language you can read and learn about God.

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