Chat, Chai & Christ: The Acharya connection


Context: Just like the Dalai Lamas, in some sects of Hinduism, there are acharyas (gurus) who are identified for each generation. Generally, it is believed that the first acharya has a direct link to God and each one after the first is linked to the previous acharya like an engine and the caboose or compartments. Each acharya helps that particular generation to connect with God through the chain of acharyas.

Friend: Each acharya is divine and is chosen by the elite gurus to make a new link in the chain of acharyas to connect humanity to God, through the direct link the first acharya has.

YS: As good as that might sound, a chain is only as good as its weakest link. There are lots of questions about the true authenticity of one of them (leaving out the name), what do you think will happen to people who believe in that particular lineage of acharya?

Friend: That is true for that one particular one, but the others don’t have such issues.

YS: As long as humans form the chain, there is always a possibility of having one imperfect link causing the rest of the chain to be affected. That problem can be avoided if God himself became the only link for humans.

Friend: But how can that happen, then God has to come for each generation.

YS: The Bible indicates that there is no mediator between God and man, except the man Jesus, who made himself as prayaschit for all humans (1 Timothy 2:5,6) Further, the reason we have to have many acharyas is that human acharyas eventually die. But Jesus resurrected and alive today to connect with us, becoming the permanent mediator for humanity.

Friend: I don’t know how to respond to that. But if I find an answer are you willing to follow the acharyas?

YS: We definitely can continue discussing where we left off. But if you are not able to find an answer that convinces you, will you continue discovering more about Jesus?

Friend: It’s a deal.