Chat, Chai & Christ: Wonder if there is a purpose to life?


Context: We generally have a tough time understanding the purpose of life.

YS: What do you think is the purpose of human existence?

Friend: Not sure, how to answer this question.

YS: I was in the same position before I heard it for the first time. Of course, I was very prideful and did not want to admit that I did not know the answer. You seem to be more sincere and I am thankful for your openness.

Friend: Well is there an answer?

YS: Yes, it is to glorify God. Just like when you develop software, you expect it to work per design. When the product works the way you designed it, it brings you credit. In the same way, God designed us and when we live for what we are designed, God gets the glory.

Friend: But how do you know what that is?

YS: We cannot know the purpose unless we know our maker. Also, the purpose is just not an accomplishment in the future; it is also continuously attained in each act of obedience to the Internal Guru (Holy Spirit) in ordinary day to day living.

Friend: That’s a good answer. I have to think about it.